Student Athlete: A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME
Keynote: 45-60 mins
Workshop: 60-90 mins

Student athletes have the opportunity to either go professional or to corporate America.
Whichever path they choose financial literacy and managing money has to be a part of their
mental regimen just like training is a part of their physical regimen. Without it millions of dollars
can soon turn into bankruptcy. A Whole New Ball Game will motivate your student athletes to
take control of their financial future before someone else does.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The importance of excelling in the classroom as well in competition

  • How to manage refund checks and cost of attendance funds

  • How to create and effective “spending plan”

  • The necessity of having an “In Case You Are Breathing Fund”

  • How to get an internship as an athlete through social media

  • How to create a positive social media image in order to land a career after college