Every year in January we set out our plans for the year. We have goals and milestones we want to achieve. Each one of these goals can be in different areas, but most of them are either in weight loss, career, and money.

I want to focus on the last one. Your money goals. January 1st we are bursting with motivation. Motivation that we hope will keep us going until our goals are accomplished. When we get to this time of the year we tend to look at the fact that there are only a few months left. With that realization we start to think back to those goals we made on January 1st and when we look back sometimes we don't like what we see.

Maybe the goal was to save $2000 this year and you only have saved $1000. Maybe the goal was to eliminate the debt from three credit cards and you have only eliminated two of them. You wanted to be completely debt free and now with a little over three months left you know that is not going to be the reality. Once you finish looking over your goals from the beginning of the year you start to feel defeat.

I want you to look at it in a different way. Don't look at it as you failed to save $2000, but that you have $1000 more than you had on January 1st. You have more saved than 69% of Americans! Yes you don't have all of your credit card debt eliminated, but are one card away from credit cards no longer controlling you! You may not be able to become debt free this year, but you will definitely be debt free by next year!

We all hit bumps in the road, but when you get down on yourself it does not motivate you to finish, but instead it stalls you. It can even send you back to your old way of handling money which I am sure you want to stay far away from. Be encouraged and know that although you got off track you still have time to make significant gains and go into next year strong!

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