Time To Clean Up

Winter is finally gone. Thank goodness! Now that the sun is out and we have more energy it is time to get things in order. Taking the time to get organized before the summer months hit can really add money to your pocket. Focusing on a couple of areas in your life is all that it takes. Clean out your home: It is time for a massive clean up. Not the kind where you are sweeping the floor and changing the sheets, but where you are going through every room and moving items out. Items that you have not used since last year and don't plan on using from here on out. These items can be clothing, electronics, dishes, books, sporting goods, instruments, anything. Separate everything into three different piles: 1. Yard Sale/Ebay 2. Goodwill 3. Trash Once the three piles have been created start selling, giving, and throwing away. If the items that you are selling don't sell after three attempts then those items need to be given away. Clean up your financial space: Look at all the payments that you make each month and see if anything is out of place or can be adjusted. Many of us have signed up for subscriptions that bill us each month and we are not utilizing the subscriptions. Those need to be cancelled. There are bills that we have on autopilot and we have not noticed the company has increased our bill amount. That increase has not been noticed for months and that money is lost, but if you make a call to the company you can get it adjusted and save the money going forward. This is the time to really get everything in order before vacations start. If you need motivation the money that you make from selling items or updating bills can be used for a great vacation!

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