I know, I know, that is a strong title. It is strong so that it gets your attention. Today I am writing this blog post because thousands of teachers will be marching today on the state capitol. Marching for investment in their classrooms, investment in their pay, investment in the students they serve. They have tens of thousands of supporters around the state, but of course there are some non-supporters as well. I want to look at this situation from a economic viewpoint and help those non-supporters understand why #RedForED is happening and also encourage those marching.

There is not much in this country that we can say we all took part in. ALL OF US have been taught by a teacher. ALL OF OUR lives have been changed by a teacher. NONE OF US would be where we are without a teacher teaching us. That is FACT!

Back to the economics.

They want more investment in their classrooms and the schools where they teach. Children need up to date books to read, technology that prepares them for the world of tomorrow, and buildings that are updated so that they can focus on their schoolwork. There should not be one day that a school is freezing because the heat is out. Think about your workplace. How many times does your company upgrade the technology around you? Why do you think they do that? It is to get a competitive advantage. The same should go for the children of the state, of the country. They need to be the best in the world, but their teachers need the tools to make that happen.

Teachers are marching today for investment in their pay. This is usually where non-supporters disagree with teachers because they don’t think they should be paid more. Their argument is usually surrounded by teachers don’t work all year, why should they get paid more? That would be a great argument if they worked in corporate America. Teachers not only have to teach children academic subjects they also have to be psychologists to some of their children who may be having problems at home. Let Bob from your team at work come up to you sharing his problems that he is having at home, you would walk away in a heartbeat. You would tell Bob this is not the place or go tell someone else.

These teachers marching today don’t stop working when the bell rings. They are working well into the night and on weekends. People in corporate America and other organizations shut everything down once the clock hits five o’clock and will be quick to say “this company don’t pay me extra to do any work after five so forget them. You will have this type of attitude and still want a raise at your annual review. Will still want a promotion every couple of years. Will still get angry if your health benefits are not where you think they should be.

By now you may be thinking “but Ja’Net my company brings in tens of millions of dollars! We deserve the pay we are getting! Teachers don’t bring in that type of money!” Let me help you. You are right they don’t bring in tens of millions of dollars. THEY BRING IN TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS! Since they have touched everyone in this country, the knowledge they have taught you is the reason you are even able to understand what marketing is so that you can create that million dollar campaign. They are the reason that you may have been introduced to the stock market and that class is an elective! They are the reason that you don’t write ignorant emails to potential clients because an english teacher showed you how to use grammar and punctuation correctly. That teacher also taught you how to spell.

The reason you are able to do people taxes each year to make your living is because some teacher taught you math, taught you intro to accounting. The

reason I am able to show people how to get out of debt is because a math teacher showed me how to add and subtract. You know the history of this country and how politics work because of a teacher. You would not be in politics if a teacher did not spark your interest in the process before you could even drive a car.

A teacher taught Cook, Gates, Zuckerburg, Bezos, John, Cuban, Buffet, Winfrey, Smith, Howroyd, Balmer, Knight, and so many more. Their contribution financially to this country is in the hundreds of billions and that is personal wealth!

You may still be saying so what? (I don’t know how, but let’s continue)

When teachers are not paid their value then the economy suffers. When you pay teachers more they are able to spend into the local economy and grow local businesses. They are able to use their increase to invest in retirement and therefore won’t have to depend on social security in the future and that helps the deficit of the United States. Invest in their healthcare so that they don’t have spend all of their savings on a common procedure. Invest in them so that they can create even greater leaders of tomorrow who will help your city, your state, your country be first in the world.

It is a no-brainer.

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