Don't Just Give Up

Everything is not rainbows and butterflies. Life just does not work like that. If you want to see how true that is then decide to change your financial situation for the better. Maybe you want to pay your debt off. Maybe you want to increase your savings. Maybe you want to invest more. If it has to do with your finances then you should be prepared for the possibility of a rollercoaster.

If you have some debt that you are trying to pay off start to think back to your life when you didn't care about being in debt. Think about how easy life was because you were not worried about the debt building. You just enjoyed life. Now as you prepare to pay that debt off that you had fun piling up you realize that the road ahead may not be as fun.

It won't be fun. It is going to take sacrifices and even in the midst of those sacrifices there are going to be setbacks. You pay off a credit card one week and the next week your car needs new brakes. You use your tax refund to pay down your student loan and then all of a sudden another emergency comes up. This rollercoaster is not unusual, but how you respond to it will determine if you will be successful on your financial journey.

Every time you experience a setback you have a decision to make. Quit or keep going. I have a feeling you will keep going. That you will get knocked down nine times, but get up ten! There are so many people who start on the journey for a better financial future, but can't take the hits so they quit. You can do this! Just don't give up!

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