What I love about athletes is that it is expected that everything is left out on the court or field. When I played tennis even in college every match felt like it was the last one and I played it that way. I had one chance to beat that player on the other side and I left everything on the court.

I find it interesting that we don't think that way when it comes to our lives. We go about each day like we are going to be here forever. Like we are immortal. We dread every Monday because we hate what we do and we then celebrate every Friday because we get to escape what we hate for two days. Our favorite sentence starts with "I wish.." and we fill in the blank with all of our dreams that continue to pile up year after year.

So how can we get that elite athlete mentality where we go all out for what we want most? We have to realize that we only have one life and it is up to us to make it the best that we can. Not happy with the job you have currently? Do you wish that you could travel more. Spend more time with family? Help more people? Be your own boss?

What is stopping you? If it is money then it is time to develop a one life mentality. If you wish that you could do something else forty hours a week then what would it take financially to make that happen? Would it take $10,000 in savings? Would it take a job offer where you make $15,000 more a year? Could you do what you love if you downsized your life and your spending?

If you wish that you could travel more what could you do to make that a reality financially? Can you find the time to actually sit down and write down the exact dollar amount that you need to travel? Are you willing to work extra hours to make sure that you pay cash for your travel? Are you willing to sell stuff to pay for your international flights?

Whatever you are wanting in this one life you have are you willing to leave everything on the line? Are you willing to make everything you dream of a reality? If the answer is yes then the hard choices that are in front you really are not hard at all.

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