Save Money When Seasons Change

Last week we experienced some warm weather and in the weeks to come the seasons will be changing and the temperatures will begin to rise. As warmer temperatures come upon us it is also a great time to save some money. I want to share three ways to save money when the season begins to change.

Adjust the thermostat:

When it gets 70 degrees and up you should look to turn your heat off. There is no need to be using that energy when it is not needed. You can keep it this way until it gets so hot that you need to put on the air conditioner. This one action will save you a lot of money on your energy bill!

Get your clothes:

As it gets warmer stores will begin to clear out winter inventory and this is your chance to take advantage. Whenever seasons change, clothes from the current season go on sale. Whether you are an infant or a grown man you will be able to find deep discounts on winter clothing over the next several weeks!

Put your window down:

For the last few months we have been riding in our cars with the heat on high. As the temperatures rise you can turn that heat off and roll down the window. Keeping that heat off in your car will make your gas tank go further and save you money!

You have a great opportunity to save money during the changing of seasons. Make sure to take advantage of it!

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