Planning Ahead In Order To Win

Have you ever heard the phrase "If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail."

Whenever this phrase is said it is usually during business activities. For example when someone is telling an entrepreneur how important it is for them to plan out their business each day so that they can be successful. It is a great quote for business, but it also fits when it comes to finances.

We want to do so much with our lives each year, but our wants take money.

We want a new home

We want to travel overseas for the first time

We want piano lessons for our kid

We want a car

We want to move to a new city

We want a lot, but unless we make a plan about how we are going to pay for it then that want is just empty words.

We need to plan out how much that want costs?

How long it is going to take us to get the money for the want?

Who do we need to involve to make the want happen?

Making a plan and putting it down on paper will give you a higher chance of success!

This week I will be showing my Instagram (@JaNetAdamsSpeak) and FB community (Ja'Net "Dream Girl" Adams) how to financially plan for your wants! Make sure to follow on either platform so you don't miss my breakdown!

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