Okay. I think it is time to stop saying this phrase when it comes to your money. It is okay if this is the first year you are working on your financial situation, but there are people who have been saying “this is their year” when it comes to their money for years. January 1st they make plans to save more money. To not overspend on stuff and max out their credit cards. To finally pay off their car. Promise after promise.

Soon as February 1st hit those promises begin to wane. You start to ask yourself “how much did I want to save again?” You get tired of that second job you were working to pay off debt faster. You begin to experience FOMO (fear of missing out) because your friends are on social media showcasing all the wonderful places they are visiting. You have forgot that they are going into debt for those experiences and your goal for 2018 was to get out of debt, not go deeper into it!

The “New You” slowly turns back into the “Old You” and in December 2018 the cycle starts over and you are saying the same phrase “New Year, New You!” This year really break that vicious cycle that goes around and around. Choose to put your financial journey on a straight line that only sees forward movement. This year take it up a notch and get you an accountability partner. This partner can be trying to get out of debt too or can already be debt free. The point is that you have someone that is rooting for you, but at the same time will hold your feet to the fire.

It won’t be so easy to slack off. It won’t be easy for you to spend the money destined for debt payoff. It won’t be easy because in the back of your mind you know someone is looking for you to succeed financially. That pressure alone will make you keep going even when you want to give up. Another way to make sure that your financial path stays in a straight line of progress is to not be so hard on yourself. Yes you still need to try hard to pay off debt and work towards your savings goal, but if you have a setback don’t get so frustrated that you just quit. Give yourself permission to make a mistake every now and then. This will make it easier for you to get back on track.

Let’s make 2018 the last year you say “New Year, New You!” Well at least when it comes to your money. ;)

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