This is the time of the year that everyone is in the give me, give me, give me spirit. If you have children in your life (nieces, nephews, grandchildren,) then you have already experienced the long lists of gifts they want. I am sure that special person in your life has asked what are you getting them on Black Friday. The commercials have been airing for over a month asking you "what are you going to get the people in your life this Christmas?"

No one is asking you "what do you want?" All they are doing is trying to convince you that you must spend your entire paycheck in order to make them happy. They are trying to convince you that you must buy them stuff with your credit card so that you can spend all of next year paying the debt off just in time for them to ask you to use the credit card again for more stuff!

When is it your turn?

Your turn is now! Now it is the time to make yourself happy. Time to reach your goals. It is your turn to achieve your financial goals whatever they may be. This week is your week to get in position to win financially and do more for you! Throughout this week I am going to help you do just that! I will be going live on Instagram and Facebook throughout the week. I will be covering salary negotiation, starting a business, finding extra money, and much more. If you are not connected with me on those two platforms make sure to connect today so you don't miss anything!

It is your turn now! I hope you are ready!

P.S. Make sure to keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook this week!

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