This the perfect time of year for things to slip by you. Not missed appointments or a friend's birthday, but money! Right now the year is jumping into hyper speed and we are trying to get everything done so that we are ready for the holidays and the new year. With all the extra "to-do's" on our list the day to day responsibilities tend to become a little slack. It is very important to pay attention these next few months to make sure that money does not slip out of your bank account.

Black Friday and Christmas is fast approaching and if you are someone who buys gifts for a lot of people it will be very easy for miscellaneous charges to show up on your bank statement. Many times people don't even remember what they bought and so when a mysterious charge shows up on your bank statement from a familiar store they may just shrug it off. You have to make sure that this does not happen to you and that you look for any charges that are not yours.

Keep an eye on your regular bills at this time as well. Your water bill, your cable bill, your electricity bill, etc. With all the extra things on your plate you may not be paying close attention to these bill statements which means that any unusual differences in your bills may go unnoticed. They go unnoticed until that automatic draft of that bill is $300 more than usual because the utility company made a mistake and you didn't catch it in time. Now you have to spend time you don't have fixing the mistake!

This is the perfect time of the year for scammers and thieves. You can't be so engulfed in the season that you lose your common sense. The phone and online scams are going to significantly increase in the weeks to come. The phone scams that I have already received have been about student loan forgiveness, healthcare coverage, a $250,000 loan for my business, expiring car warranty, and Google. Since I am in the business that I am in I know that all of these phone calls are scams, but there are many people who fall for their tricks because they sound legit. Know that will always say who they are on the phone and to make sure, when you think you have received a call from them call the number on their site and talk to a representative. IT DOES NOT COST MONEY TO ENROLL IN HEALTHCARE COVERAGE. The same goes for student loan forgiveness and income based repayment programs. DON'T PAY FOR ANYTHING THAT THE GOVERNMENT DOES FOR FREE!

I could go on and on, but please as we move closer to the end of the year pay attention to your finances and make sure you are not losing money, but actually adding money to your bank account!

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