Steer Clear Of Unnecessary Expenses

Paying bills on time

Everything does not go perfect when you are trying to pay off debt or save money. Unexpected expenses can come up at any time and that is why you have to maintain your "In case you are breathing fund" at all times. When those expenses arise you can use the fund to pay for the expenses. Unexpected expenses are unavoidable, but I want to talk about expenses that are avoidable and therefore unnecessary.

Speeding tickets are the most common unnecessary expense that many people face. They are completely avoidable if we would just leave earlier or at least pay attention to our speed. This unnecessary expense can cost you hundreds of dollars with your ticket, lawyer, and future insurance costs.

Another common expense that is unnecessary is the bank overdraft fee. This fee typically averages $34 depending on the bank or the credit union and if you really don't have money in your account this expense could add insult to injury. When you get money back into that account you have to pay for that $34 charge before your account returns to black. If you stay on top of your bank account then you will never see this unnecessary expense.

The last unnecessary expense is one that I am guilty of and that is missing the payment date for utility bills or bills in general. None of my utility bills are automated because utility bills like water and electricity can fluctuate. I don't want to automate a fluctuating bill where it may be $100 one month then $500 the next month because of a glitch in their system. For that reason I have to keep up when each payment is due and if I don't like with my water bill in the past it will be a $27 charge! If you are able to pay all of your bills on time make sure to do so, because it is an expense you don't need.

Unnecessary expenses are completely avoidable. It is worth your time and your bank account to avoid these expenses at all costs!

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