Life was so much easier when we were kids. We didn’t have to worry about anything. For majority of us our parents or guardians took care of everything. They took care of all the bills. Housing, water, lights, groceries, healthcare, and much more. All we had to do was be kids. We went outside and played in the dirt until the street lights came on. Then we went to sleep and did it all again the next day!

Eventually we had to grow up and no longer were our parents responsible for taking care of us. They had done their job and now it was our turn. That is where life got difficult for many of us. Majority of Americans grew up not talking about money around the dinner table and that lack of conversation has led to a society that is reluctant to adulting. Especially when it comes to their finances. Now don’t get me wrong we have to do a little adulting in the financial department because if we don’t we would not have a place to stay, a car to drive, or food to eat. America is the land of bills and if you don’t pay them then America comes and takes the “stuff” from you and kicks you out. Sounds harsh right, but that is reality.

Many of us do just enough adulting to get by each month. We pay our bills, maybe save a little money, but after that adulting is complete. The issue with the bare minimum is that it puts you in a position where you may have to work the rest of your life. In a position where you only a fraction of your dreams are realized. I used to do the least amount of adulting as possible because I would rather spend my money on vacations, brand name clothes, and concerts. Use my money to pay off debt? Yeah right! Put money away just in case something happened? In your dreams! Being an adult was lame and in my head I kept telling myself that life was to short not to have fun.

Turns out that was a lie…………. PART 2 NEXT WEEK

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