Are you strong enough?

When it comes to money it does not matter how many push-ups you can do. It does not matter how much weight you can lift. Strength in your finances has absolutely nothing to do with your muscles. It has to do with your willpower. Do you have the strength mentally to do what it takes to get your money back on track? To get your finances where you need them to be and not where you want them to be? After reading that sentence you may be wondering what is the difference?

The difference is that many people work just enough on their finances to get them to a place where they are out of present financial trouble and back on solid ground. What they don’t realize is that solid ground is actually a rock in the middle of the ocean that they were able to swim to and now they have a false illusion that they are safe. In reality once another storm or financial problem comes they are going to be back in the water swimming for their lives and trying not to drown. If a person wants to be on a REAL solid foundation with their money they have to get their money to where it needs to be! In order to do that it takes a different kind of strength. It takes sacrifice. Sacrifice to do what you have never done before. To do what your parents and friends have never done before. Sacrifice may mean not going out to eat for awhile. It may mean that those clothes you just bought need to go back to the store and while you are returning the clothes letting the store know that you won’t be back any time soon. Your sacrifice may look like a staycation where you stay near your home for vacation. (I know staycations very well :) )

Sacrifice is not easy. If it was then it wouldn’t be called sacrifice it would be called “cake walk”. All you would have to do is work hard for a short period of time and all of your money problems would disappear. If only it was that easy. If you want a life where you have no student loans, a life where you can travel where you want and when you want, that dream home, etc it is going to take some sacrifice. It is going to take the word “no” coming out of your mouth more than one time to more than one person. Real sacrifice to reach your financial destiny will make people take notice. They will know that you have changed and the good news for you that change is going to make your dreams a reality.

You don’t have forever to decide which path you are going to take. The longer you wait, the harder it will be. So ask yourself today “Are you strong enough?”

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