Saving Money As A Lifestyle

I recently did a 3 hour webinar on how I save money in my everyday life. I talked about how I save on flights, hotels, car rentals, Starbucks, Apple products, and the list goes on! The reason I did the webinar is because people want simple ways to add money to their bank account and although I can't share every tip I think there are three that will help you move money towards your bank account today

Groceries: Know what your household likes to eat on a regular basis. If you know what you eat on a regular basis you can go to the grocery store with a plan and that plan will keep you from spending extra money. You will need to find the stores that have your items at the lowest price so you can save even more money! Another reason people spend extra money at the grocery store is because they go there hungry and end up buying items they never eat. In order to avoid that waste of money go and eat the samples that you find on the outskirts of the stores. Usually fruits, breads, and meat samples are out on a daily basis for you to consume. Take a bite and finish your shopping!

Dining out: Eating out can ruin a budget so finding ways to save is important! Look to sites like and Groupon for deals at restaurants. Also don't throw away the coupons that come in the mail. Imagine you wanted to throw a sports watching party at the last minute. Those pizza coupons that come in the mail every month can save you a lot of money on the food portion of the party.

Insurance: Look at any insurance you have and see how you can save money on monthly payments. Look at home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, renters insurance, health insurance, any insurance! Sit down with your insurance agent and re-evaluate your coverage and see what you can combine to save money each month. When we were paying off the $50,000 of debt I went and sat down with my agent. We discussed different options with our cars and the house and when the meeting was over I was saving at least $100 a month! That is $1200 a year! Now each year as each car gets older I look at how I can save even more.

I am not able to share every tip that was talked about in the THREE HOUR webinar because this post will never end. If you want to know how to save money on travel, entertainment, Apple products, Starbucks, Utilities, and much more get access to the webinar here

To see the tips I shared on WFMY News 2 see here!

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