It is April and I am beyond excited! I am sure you already know why, but just in case you don't it is FINANCIAL LITERACY MONTH! Yes all of April people who love helping others become financially free get to go into overdrive because everyone is talking about money, saving, debt, retirement, investing, etc. I use this month to share as many tips as possible. I want to make sure that when this month is over that you have an abundance of knowledge that will help you move forward in your finances.

Although I am sharing money tips daily, these tips are useless if there is no action behind them. If you read my tips here on Linkedin or on Instagram and Facebook, but still say to yourself I will make changes next week, next month, or next year then Financial Literacy Month will be here again next year and you will be in the same place financially. That would seriously suck! Make this month count for you and your money. Make this month your opportunity to get your financial life on track!

I want these first steps to be easy for you so that you start taking action this week. Here are three actionable steps to complete this week!

  1. Open up a savings account: You may be thinking I already have a savings account. That may be true, but how easy is it for you to withdraw money? If it does not take you two steps or more to get money out then you will be tempted to drain your savings instead of growing it.

  2. Find out who you owe money to: Open up those envelopes and emails from creditors and see the exact amount you owe other people. Even look at your free credit report to make sure there are not any mistakes on it.

  3. Make a list of ways to bring in extra money: Sit in a quiet place with a pen and paper and write down different ways you can make some money. Selling stuff on eBay, yard sales, baking cakes, selling a service, etc.

This list is short because I want you to take action this week! When you complete these three steps your Financial Literacy Month is well on its way to being a complete success!

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