Everyone is not going to be with you when it is time for you to start paying off debt. There will be friends who will laugh at you. There will be confused co-workers who won't understand that you can't go out to lunch three times a week anymore. There will even be family members who will ask you over and over again why have you changed. It will be okay that none of those people understand that you are making a change for the better when it comes to your money. Where it is not okay is if that person is your spouse.

From time to time when I get off stage or I finish a webinar I will get a familiar question. How do I get my husband or wife on board to pay off this debt? In their heads they know they are ready to do whatever it takes to become financially free, but they don't think their spouse will have that same determination. Let's be real getting out of debt is not easy and if one person does not see the problem with being in debt then you can see why there would be concern.

Many times the person asking me this question is the one taking care of the household finances. They see how much each bill is and how much money comes into the bank account each month. When there is financial stress they are the only ones who feel it because the spouse leaves everything up to them. So how can you get a person that is not involved in the household finances other than bringing home a paycheck to get serious about paying off debt?

You have to make it about them or at least make it appear as it is about them. No one knows your spouse better than you do. You know their dreams and their aspirations. The way you get them on board is to put those dreams front and center and show them how paying off debt will make those dreams reality. Even show them the numbers and how it will work. Break down the dreams into Short term -6-12 months, Intermediate 3-5 years, and Long-term 10-15 years.

When your spouse can see those dreams on paper it will make it easier for them to take their lunch to work. It will make it easier to skip out on the annual vacation so that you can use that money to pay down the debt. It will be easier to take that tax refund check and actually save it this time around. You have to always show your spouse what's in it for them and when you do both of you will be on the fast track to being debt free!

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