I have always said don't take money advice from broke people. Broke people don't necessarily not have any money, but their mentality about money is broke. Instead of doing the best with the money they have they spend every penny that they earn. I believe that those who are trying to honestly get out of debt should share with others what they have learned along the way. They don't have to be a personal finance expert like me to help a friend or family member save a little extra money.

They don't have to speak on stages around the world to share with someone how to put together their spending plan. As you are going through your journey help others with what you have learned. Did you find that your spending plan won't be perfect the first month. That it actually takes five or six months to get your spending plan down to a science. Maybe you can help someone get their spouse or kids on board with paying off debt because you went through the same dilemma in your household.

Did you deal with controlling your own spending? Maybe you used to be your own worst enemy when it came to your finances. Help someone overcome that obstacle. Whatever it is all I am saying is share your experience with others. Help someone else jumpstart their way to a debt free life. I tell all of my audiences that I can't be everywhere so I need each one of them to share just one tip they learned from my keynote or workshop with someone else they know. That is how our sharing turns into caring. That is how each one of us helps another person find financial success that lasts a lifetime!

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