If you want something different you have to do something different. Many people find themselves in the same type of job with the same type of pay all of their lives. They want more money or at least a job that they love, but they can't figure out how to make it happen. They know that if they get the job they want it will elevate their pay and their bank account!

Finding a new career is not easy especially one that pays more than your current place of employment. The job search evolves constantly and it is very hard to keep up with all of the tips that can lead you to the career you want. I think we all can agree that sending resume after resume does not work anymore. So what does work?

You must be where the jobs are and that is where LinkedIn is king. Having a quality profile on LinkedIn is a great start to the career you want. Have your professional accomplishments front and center so that interested parties can see what you have to offer. It is no secret that recruiters and human resource professionals are on LinkedIn daily. Make sure your profile is a profile they can't resist.

Reach out to people you know in the industry you want to be in. Make sure they know exactly what you are looking for so when that dream position comes up they can let you know immediately. Don't be shy about telling people you are looking for a job or a better position because if people don't know, how can they help. People are not mind readers and life is to busy to stand around guessing about what someone wants or needs!

Make sure to keep working hard at your current job while you are looking for another one. All because you are in search of higher pay does not mean you slack at your current employer. Work hard and continue to build up your accomplishments and achievements. It will make you even more valuable when you go on that interview. Always remember that results speak loud and you want to be the loudest person in the room so that you can get the career you want and the pay you deserve.

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