Society will tell us that you have to look better than everyone else and in order to do that you have to spend a lot of money on certain clothes. You have to wear certain brands and if you don't wear those brands you are less than a person. All of this is completely absurd I know, but people believe it. I believed it.

When I was growing up, mainly starting in high school I always thought I needed name brand clothes and shoes. I used to beg my mama to buy the latest fashions. Tommy Hilfiger, Baby Phat, London Fog, Timberlands, Ralph Lauren, and the list goes on. These clothes were not cheap and I didn't understand how expensive they were until my parents started making me buy my own clothes at 16. Then I understood why they went to retail outlets and sales because they could not pay full price for those items.

All through high school and college I felt the only way to be one of the cool kids was to have clothing that the brand was front and center. I wasted a lot of money trying to impress other people. Money that could have been saved for a future house or invested in mutual funds. All of that money gone! When I hit bottom being in $50,000 of debt my mindset about clothes changed.

No longer did I feel the need to impress other people. The only need I felt was to survive and keep a roof over my head. When my mentality changed I started to find out about thrift stores, consignment sales, and Goodwill. I used to frown on Goodwill (GW Fashions) because I would listen to everyone else's opinion like they were paying for my clothes. Come to find out GW Fashions is awesome and I actually get 90% of the dresses I wear on tv from a local GW! People can't believe when I tell them my dress was only $5.

These discount stores many times will have clothes with tags still on them. I know one GW Fashion that must have a deal with the local Target because new Target clothes and shoes are at their location at a deep discount! You may still be thinking that you can't see yourself shopping at a thrift store or at Goodwill, but let me give you some food for thought. Every time I go to one of these stores there are BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes drivers there. Why? Because before they got all of that money they were shopping at these stores and they don't want to stop saving money now so they continue to shop there.

I shopped at these stores when I was in debt and now that I am out of debt and can easily buy high price clothes again I still shop at these stores. I no longer care what people think about my clothing, because I can still look good for a fraction of the cost and I am able to use all the extra money to do what I love!

Is your clothing holding you back from doing what you love?

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