There is advice everywhere! Online and off everyone is willing to give you their two cents. The problem with financial advice is that you can't just get it from anybody. Especially if that person only has $.02. When people tell me that this person told them this about getting out of debt, or another person told them this about saving money or investing I often ask them one simple question.

Does that person you are listening to have evidence backing up their advice? Do they have an emergency fund of six months? Are they out of debt? Do they use credit cards as a crutch and disguise it to you as if they are "building credit"? Taking money advice from broke people is never the way to go. You have to treat your financial journey just like everything else you are trying to get ahead in.

When you are trying to get a promotion at work do you ask people at your level or worse below your level what steps you should take? NO! You ask someone who has been where you are and is now where you want to be at your workplace. You would never waste your time asking someone who was not in that position so why would you take financial advice from someone who was not where you want to be financially?

Leading up to the new year make it up in your mind that from now on you are not going to listen to people who do not have their financial lives in order. You are not going to seek out friends and family members for advice on something so important as your financial future. If a person is not debt free there is no need to ask them how you should pay off your car or that student loan. If a friend of yours does not have $1000 in the bank to cover an emergency please don't ask them how to save for an emergency fund.

This is all about saving you time and frustration. Money is already a sensitive subject so don't complicate it more by following bad advice!

Before the new year I will be doing a FREE webinar about how to win with money! I will cover some of the steps of how I paid off the $50,000 of debt in two years. If you would like to learn how to handle money the right way register here!

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