Relationships come in all forms. Parent and child. Husband and wife. Teacher and student. Friends. Best friends. Grandma and grandson. Business partners. So on and so on. Relationships can take so many turns over a lifetime and some turns are good and some turns are bad. Some turns grow the relationship and make it stronger and some turns destroy the relationship altogether.

Money many times is the reason for the turns in relationships. It is not actually the paper part of money, but the behavior with money that makes relationships change. It does not matter how close two people are, money can either make them closer or separate them forever. How can the behavior of money bring relationships closer? Let's say that two people who are best friends for over ten years both decide to save money each month for an entire year with the prime goal of going on an international trip. That trip being paid in cash can be enjoyed and actually bring their friendship closer.

How about a parent who has not only provided the needs of a child from birth, but also saved money for that child to go to college. Imagine how thankful that child will be to that parent after they realize the advantage they have after graduating from college with no debt. Relationship grows stronger because of how the parent behaved with money.

What about that husband and wife that works together to save a downpayment for a new home. They move into their new home and realize how much stronger their relationship is because they were able to overcome a financial obstacle together. When business partners work well with the money within their company they are able to take advantage of opportunities and grow faster!

Just like money can strengthen relationships it can also rip them apart. Take that same business partnership. Maybe there is one business partner that spends money without the other partner knowing and it leads to a major financial loss. That relationship will eventually be ruined if that partner's behavior with money is not corrected. How about that same parent and child that I talked about earlier. What if that parent didn't save any money for college. Despite that the child still makes it to college and thrives for three years. Going into senior year the child finds out that a scholarship that helps pay tuition was cut and now the child needs money. The child has to drop out because the parent doesn't have the money and now the relationship is strained because the child blames the parent for them not being in school pursuing their dreams.

Money has the biggest effect in the relationship of a husband and wife. Money or lack of it and bills flowing in each month can put a strain on a marriage. What this relationship doesn't realize is that the problem is not lack of money it is not having a plan. A plan to behave with money. A husband and wife that comes up with a plan to pay off debt and save money is better off than couple who just tries to make it until everything gets better. Without a plan the arguments will start and resentment will set in.

With a plan that couple works together to sell items and work extra jobs for money. They will sit down together and look at their monthly bills and see where they can cut back. They will take turns calling creditors and working out plans to reduce their debt. Even though they are in a tight place financially they are working together and strengthening their marriage at the same time. Eventually they will look up and their financial problems will be in the past and they will be looking forward to financially and emotionally strong future.

Paper money doesn't strengthen or weaken relationships it is the behavior with that money. We all have choices, but we must remember to ask ourselves will the choice affect my relationship in a positive or negative way?

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