This time of year can be very hard for someone who is trying to stay on track getting out of debt. You have Black Friday, holiday parties, charities, and Christmas. There are people coming from all sides trying to separate you from your money. I am sure for the past month you have been receiving emails from your favorite retailers and phone alerts telling you not to wait for Black Friday, but instead buy now!

During all of this noise it is very easy to completely close yourself off to the temptation, but it is also easy to do something else. You may find yourself trying to convince those around you to do the same. Trying to convince family, friends, and complete strangers to go cold turkey with you. One important lesson that I had to learn while getting out of debt was that it was my journey and my journey only. I would find myself trying to convince friends that they needed to save their money and not shop so much. Or I would attempt to convince a family member that they didn't need that extra vacation.

I didn't know if that friend or family member was in debt, I just wanted them to stop spending money because I had to stop spending money. Maybe they were in debt, but just because they were in the negative didn't mean they were ready to face it. Some people are fine drowning in debt because they are able to make the payments each month and I had to realize that I couldn't do anything about that.

While on your journey don't be like me and try to force people to get out of debt with you. Don't force them to save money or not to buy things. It is your journey and your journey alone and once you get out of debt you will be the encouragement for them to do the same!

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