People always ask me "how did you pay off $50,000 of debt in two years?" When they ask it is like they want me to tell them three quick tips that are going end all of their financial troubles. My journey was not that simple then and to explain it today is not simple either.

Whatever financial situation you are in it is not about the money it is much deeper than that. You may be thinking that if you had more money all of your problems would be solved. You would be able to pay all of your debt off, pay all of your bills on time, and do everything you want. This is simply not true. More money does not make everything better. What it does is give you more money to mismanage.

The journey to financial security is a mental journey and the stronger you are mentally the better off you will be. You have to keep going through every setback, through every bad day. You have to see yourself on the other side where debt is no longer a part of your life. Tell yourself on those bad days to keep going. Look at where you are and where you used to be and say keep going! Know that it won't always be this way and one day soon you will be living the life you want. Until that day continue to encourage yourself to keep going!

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