Leaves are starting to fall which means my energy bill is going to start falling as well! When the seasons change whether it is from Summer to Fall, Fall to Winter, Winter to Spring, or Spring to Summer it is the best time to save money! When the temperatures begin to change that is when you must make your move!

Turn your thermostat up as the Summer changes to Fall and your thermostat down when Winter changes to Spring. Both changes give you the opportunity to control your energy bill and add room to your budget. When the temperatures move to the 70's after Summer ends that is your opportunity to move the thermostat to the high 70's or even cut it off. This will make sure that your home is not using unnecessary energy. If you get hot you can easily open a window or turn on a fan which uses electricity, but not nearly as much as an air conditioning unit.

If you find yourself with a week long forecast of 70's then that is the perfect time to turn off your unit for the week. Many people think they can't last without air condition during this transition, but think about the amount of time you really spend in your home. If you go to work everyday then you are gone 8-10 hours each day and if you have evening activities you may not step in your home until 8pm and by that time it is no longer warm in your home.

The same strategy works for the time between Winter and Spring, but at that time when the temp rises from cold to mildly warm you can start adjusting the heat and using more blankets if necessary and less of your heating unit. Both options are only available for a few weeks as the weather changes so don't hesitate. Save as much money as possible!

Over the years doing these adjustments has saved me hundreds of dollars each year. If you are looking for money to pay off debt or build your ICYABF then this is a way to do it! Let me know this week if you were able to adjust your thermostat and save some money!

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