I don’t know what I would do if that happened to me! Have you ever said that sentence while watching someone else go through a hard time. A hard time that you knew hurt them financially. Did it have you wondering how you would pay for the same situation if it happened to you? If so then your breathing is short. Not your physical breath, but your financial breath. If you are constantly worrying about what could happen to you then your safety net is filled with holes. Holes that need to be filled.

It does not matter your age there will be emergencies that will hit. You could be 74 years old and all of a sudden one of your children passes away with no life insurance. Maybe you are 42 years old and you lose your job after being a faithful worker for over 15 years. You could be 23 years old in medical school and one of your loans falls through. You could be 13 years old and your parent loses their job right before a major field trip. So many situations and each one of them can cause a financial strain if you are not prepared.

Being prepared takes the stress out of any emergency. Financial stress makes everything worse! Whatever the emergency is, when you don’t have the money to cover it the situation can become unbearable. It is time that you become prepared so that the next time a bad situation comes into your life it does not stay long! It is time for you to build your ICYABF (In Case You Are Breathing Fund). You have heard me talk about it before, but yet people are still finding themselves in terrible situations without the money to face them!

When you don't have the money for emergencies it will lead to you being in more debt. Being in more debt means you will never be financially free! You need to have some wiggle room, some cushion in your finances and that is where the ICYABF is useful. Your ICYABF should be at least $1500 and if you can get it to $2000 or more that is even better! This amount will cover all small emergencies and most large ones! Need new brakes? No problem! Refrigerator need replacing? No stress! The ICYABF will cover it and steer possible stress away from your life.

So what are you waiting for? Start building your fund $1 at a time. Did you save $20 in your grocery budget? Then put it towards your ICYABF. Did you get a pay raise at work? Live off of your your paycheck and put all the extra money in the fund. Sell items, get a part time, do whatever it takes to get your ICYABF fully funded so that you can stop worrying about what MIGHT happen!

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