The best money is easy money. Money that you don't have to put much work into to receive it. When you are trying to pay off debt, easy money is what you need to make your path to debt free faster. Easy money usually is not going to come from your 9-5 so where does it come from?

Yard sales! Yes a yard sale is easy money and it is fast money! When I was trying to pay off the $50,000 of debt in those two years I needed a lot of easy money. Yard sales was a way for me to make at least $200 every Saturday in four hours or less. There was one Saturday that I made $800 in four hours and that $800 put a nice dent in my debt. Not everyone is a fan of yard sales and that is mainly because of the misconceptions.

One of those misconceptions is that a yard sale is to much work. Yes yard sales are not a stroll in the park, but it is also not hard labor. During the spring time you could go through your home each week putting a few items aside for your summer sale. This way it does not feel like you are doing a major overhaul in a week. Even if it is the end of the summer you can still go through this same process because depending where you live yard sale weather lasts until the end of September!

Another misconception is that people will come to the yard sale looking to undercut you on your prices. Undercut you to the point that by the end of the sale you would not have made any money for the work you put in. Remember it is your yard sale and you set the prices. Although everyone that comes to it is going to try to get you to lower your prices stand your ground! When people would come to my yard sale asking for a discount I would remember the debt I was trying to pay off. If I gave them a discount it meant that I was okay with being in debt longer and that was not okay! Keep in mind that if the person in front of you asking for a discount does not buy the item at your price someone else will! Don't budge!

Don't let misconceptions keep you from making money. Many people can not pay off debt with their paycheck alone. They will need extra money. Yard sales will get you that extra money and also clean out your home. Double win!

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