I can't wait until I get older so that I can be a ............. I am going to be the best ...... in the world! So many dreams, so many aspirations, unlimited ambition. There used to be a time when if someone doubted our dreams we would gladly ignore them and continue on our path! There was a time in our life when the universe was the limit. Unfortunately that time was when we were children and not as adults. When we were children we wanted to be so many things, but at some point we lost that imagination.

Some of our dreams were lost as we got older because someone older than us told us it was not possible. They failed at their dreams and so decided they should become dream killers. Other dreams that we had for our life were lost for another reason. That reason has to do with our bank account. When we were children everything was taken care of. Housing, food, clothing, everything so we could dream freely without worrying about how to pay for it. When we reached eighteen years old and started making our own decisions that is where our dreams started to fade.

Whatever money we started to make right after high school or college went to expenses. The money started to go to debt. We rented expensive apartments. Bought new cars. Went to a college out of our price range. We bought new clothes and went on vacations. While we were spending this money we forgot what was most important to us and that was our dreams and when we finally remembered those dreams we could no longer afford them!

It is time to dream again like when we were children, but this time I want to share with you how to turn those dreams into reality. First you need to give your dreams a deadline for when they should no longer dreams, but actually life experiences. Your dreams should be separated into Short-Term (6-12 months), Intermediate (3-5 years), and Long-Term (10-15 years).

Each dream will become reality once you are free of your consumer debt (credit card, student loans, car loan, medical bill, etc). Short-term dreams are easy to reach and may be something like having an "in case you are breathing fund" of $3,000. An intermediate dream takes a little more work and more money and that dream may be to travel to another country and explore it for two weeks. That type of dream takes more than $3,000 and more than 12 months to reach.

Long-term dreams are the type of dreams that people in the past talked you out of and you listened to them because you were not financially prepared. Dreams like owning your home free and clear. Starting a business that doesn't even exist yet! Retiring early and doing what you want for the rest of your life.

It takes dreams to win at the money game. If you don't have dreams you will quit once anything goes wrong. If you write your dreams down and put them in a place where you can see them everyday you have a better chance of getting out of debt and making those dreams a reality. It is time to be a kid again, but this time you have the resources to make all of those dreams come true. It is up to you!

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