When I was going through the journey of paying off my $50,000 of debt in 2 1/2 years I wanted everyone to be involved. I wanted everyone to go on the journey with me and it didn’t matter if they wanted to or not. They could have been debt free saving money every month and I wanted them to cut out eating out during the week. I wanted them to stay away from shopping and going on vacation. Why? It was because I didn’t want to go through that hard journey alone. Yes, it was my husband and I paying off the debt, but when you see your friends around you “living life” you want to be doing the same. In order for me not to have that feeling my solution was to just stop them from spending money.

After much pushback from friends I realized that it was my journey to take and not theirs. I had to realize that I would have to make the sacrifices alone. It was up to me to stop going out to eat and cook more at home. It was up to me to stop shopping every week and buying another piece of clothing that I didn’t need. It was up to me to stop going on vacation when I owed other people $50,000. It was up to me to stop buying everyone a gift! All of it was up to me!

If you are trying to pay off debt, don’t force others outside of your home to make the same sacrifices that you have to make. That person you are trying to force finances may be great and they are on track to be a millionaire. Or they may even be in a mountain of debt and need to sacrifice with you, but they just are not at the same place as you are. Either way your journey is your journey and all you have is you!

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