Want to know why so many people give up when they try to get out of debt? They give up because they can’t see themselves any closer to the end. Paying off debt is hard and when people can’t see progress they just stop and claim that being in debt is just a way of life. They believe that they will never be free so why even try! All they think about is how much debt is left to pay off. They don’t think about the most important question.

How much they have paid off? That is the real measure. That is the real question! How far you have come is what should be asked. There is no way you are in the same place you were when you first started. Your student loan balance is smaller. Your car loan was diminishing each month. Your credit card debt was almost gone. At the time you quit all you could see was the overall number. What you couldn’t see is what you should have been looking at all along!

You should have looked at how you were moving closer. Moving closer to the day that you no longer owed other people. Moving closer to the day that you owned everything in your possession. Moving closer to the day that your college degree was free and clear. Moving closer to the day that you used all of your money to grow your business. Moving closer to you saving for retirement using the money you used to give debtors to grow their empires. Moving closer to true freedom!

Don’t ever look at how far you have to go. Only look at how far you have come and when you do that watch you continue to move closer to being free of debt for good!

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