Whether it is just for one night or for multiple nights you should not pay a ridiculous amount of money to stay at a hotel. Does not matter the city you can find great deals when you are traveling. In order to find those great savings you have to have patience. That patience can pay off big time!

First you must have a good idea of where you want to stay. Are you going to a city for a conference? You need to know the address of the conference so that you choose the least expensive hotel near where you will be. The same goes for when you travel for vacation. In the case of a vacation you should look for a hotel in the area of most of the places that you want to visit while you are in town. This will not only save you money on the hotel it will also save you money in gas!

Second, know what the different stars mean when it comes to the hotels in the area. A "3-Star" hotel in Times Square is a "5-Star" hotel in Orlando Florida and if style is what you look for then you need to know the difference. Never stay in a "2-Star" hotel because most of the time you will be staying in an area that is not the best most of the time. Usually this hotel is purchased when there is no other option. The best hotels are "3-Star and above and remember that those hotels need to be near where you really want to be during your time in that city or town.

Last, but not least the websites and strategy I use on those websites to get 50% or more off of hotel rooms. These are the websites that will help you save a large amount of money. Expedia, Hotwire, Priceline,, and Trivago. You can even try, Jetsetter, and Air BnB. Expedia is where I go first because it gives me an idea of where I want to stay during my trip and what the price could be during the time of my travel. I also like going to Expedia first because they have daily sales of 50% off or more on hotels in most major cities and so I will check an area like Miami Beach daily until I see a nice hotel 60% off for the day and then book it! On Expedia you can put in the address of where you want to be and it will take you to the hotels in the area. You will be able to look at all the hotels and see what they offer and what "star level" they are.

A good rule of thumb is to find a hotel with breakfast. This is key whether you are traveling alone or with a group. This will take away some of the cost of your stay. The same goes with free parking. It may be better to stay farther away from your destination if the cost of parking is $35 a day at the hotels nearby. When I finish looking at Expedia I will then check Hotwire. On Hotwire you put in the destination address again, but this time only "star level" options show up with the percent off. Hotwire is risky if you don't know what you are doing. Hotwire does not show you the name of the hotel until after you pay! This is why you research the "star level" hotels on Expedia first. When I go to Hotwire I already know what the "4-Star" hotels are in a place like Washington, DC. Hotwire entices you with deep discounts so that you will buy from them and if you are skilled in finding hotels you can get a great hotel for a great price! I once booked a "4-Star" Hilton Hotel room in Washington, DC. for $60!

The key to a great hotel price is to be patient! You also don't want to wait until the last minute. Just like with every other purchase in life hotels can smell desperation and they will make you pay dearly for your procrastination. When you travel you want to take in all the city has to offer so don't spend all of your sight-seeing money on a place where you just lay your head!

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