It is that time of year. March Madness! Millions of people including myself find ourselves in front of any device trying to watch the numerous basketball games that come on throughout the day. Before the tournament began I was on the ESPN app creating my bracket and picking the teams that I thought would win each game. I took my time during selection and looked at each game carefully because I wanted to win! When the games began and points started to pile up I realized that not only do millions of people watch March Madness, but they also participate in this ESPN bracket game. One of my brackets I am in 12 millionth place! People are so serious about winning and losing and it made me wonder why we are not as serious about our money in the same way.

If we were as serious about our money as are about researching the different teams to see which point guards are leading in assists then we would never pay full price for groceries. We would research every store to see which one had the best sales each week and save a lot of money on our grocery bills! What if we developed the same anger at companies who ripped us off every year that we have for top seeded teams who lose to a 15th seed and destroy our brackets!

The difference between March Madness and your money is that your financial life doesn’t end in March. It continues on each and every month. We should put the same passion into our finances because it is our finances that will help us win the ultimate game of life! Non-stop travel. Winning. Fully funded retirement. Winning. House paid off. Winning. No debt. Winning. Leaving an inheritance. Winning. Money under control and sleeping peacefully at night. WINNING!

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