It's Our Turn!

"You stay here at home and make sure everything is handled here. I am going to work and I will be home around 6PM for dinner with you and the children." That is how conversations used to go in homes all around America most of last century with the husband going to work and the wife staying at home with the kids. Men would make the money and decide how the money was spent and saved. Women would follow a man's lead when it came to finances whether that man was her husband or her father. All that dependency would leave widows with no idea of how to financially take care of themselves when that male figure was gone. Women's History Month is the best time to talk about how it is now our turn to handle money for ourselves!

In the past women were not in the workforce making their own money, but today women are not only in the workforce they are the breadwinner or sole owner in their households. This simple fact is why women have to understand their personal finances. They have to be proactive in saving the money that they work so hard for each and every day. They need to save money through their company or on their own with an investment firm. Women are outliving men so they have to put themselves in a position financially that has them living comfortably after the man in their life has passed away. Even if a woman has decided to be a stay at home wife and/or mother she still should save money for herself as well.

This new found freedom of handling money can not be kept just for you, but you must show others how to do the same thing! The others are younger girls who may be your daughters, nieces, stepdaughters, granddaughters, etc. When you teach children about money they are able to carry those lessons throughout the rest of their lives. Little girls today are not familiar with a world where majority of women in America stay home. They live in a world where a woman is running for the President of the United States! They know it is their turn, but when it comes to money they need guidance. With that guidance they will negotiate future salaries better. They will save their money as a teenager and pay their own way through college. They will invest their money the first day they start earning it and ensure millionaire status early in life instead of never at all.

Our future looks a lot different than our history, but we must prepare today! If you are a woman and your finances are not where you want them to be then make the decision today to change that. Don't wait around another year!

It's YOUR turn!

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