Keynote: 45-60 mins
Workshop: 60-90 mins

Those who give of their time and talent want to change the world, but sometimes finances slows
down progress. There are team members at your non-profit who may be personally struggling
with their finances. That struggle can distract from daily activities and ongoing projects that
need their full attention. “Making Change” will help team members get their finances under
control so that they are able to perform at their highest level each and every day.

Your Team Members Will Learn:

  • How to determine their short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals both for their finances and

  • their career

  • How to avoid financial pitfalls that are leading to decrease productivity

  • How to effectively create a “spending plan”

  • How to create an “In Case You Are Breathing Fund” so that they are able to cover emergencies

  • How to quickly move to a life free of debt