Middle / High Schools: ALL ABOUT YOU!
Keynote: 45-60 mins
Workshop: 60-90 mins

Fee: Contact

It is one challenge to get into college, it is another to graduate. Ja’Net will show students how to
avoid the financial pitfalls during middle/high school and college so that they are able to graduate high school and college financially sound. All About You helps students visualize future dreams and goals and devise a plan to achieve those goals.

Middle/High School Learning Outcomes Results:

  • Students will be motivated to think about their future and take concrete steps to achieve short-term,

  • intermediate, and long-term goals

  • Students will learn how to earn money that can be used to save for college.

  • Will be encouraged to engage more in the classroom and the community

  • Students will learn how to search for scholarships through social media

  • Motivated to save more money for unexpected emergencies

  • Responsible social media behavior

  • Students will know how to gain future paid internships and careers through social media

  • Students will know how to pay off potential future student loan debt quickly leading to faster integration into the global economy