Corporate Signature Program: ALL ABOUT YOU: Passion, Productivity, Profit
Keynote: 60 mins
Workshop: 60-90 mins

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There are many people within your organization that have a passion for their work, but may not

be producing at their highest potential. They have outside distractions keeping them from going
to the next level. 52% of workers are stressed about money and that stress can be a distraction
during work hours.


It can keep them from focusing on important projects because they are
worried about their bills. The All About You program will help your employees get their finances
under control so that they are able to focus completely while at work. That focus will lead to
increased productivity which will lead to increased company profits.


Your Employees Will Learn:


  • How to determine their short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals both for their finances and their career

  • How to avoid financial pitfalls that are leading to decrease productivity

  • How to effectively create a “spending plan”

  • How to create an “In Case You Are Breathing Fund” so that they are able to cover emergencies

  • How to quickly move to a life free of debt

  • Your Organization Return On Investment:

  • Employees that are more productive day in and day out

  • Increased profits as a result of less financially stressed employees

  • A more positive work environment


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