High School Is Over. Now What?

The graduations are over and now it is time for the next journey. I am sure that if you are a recent high school graduate you are thinking to yourself "I have waited so long for the day that I would be done with high school and now that it is here it feels anticlimactic." Good news for you there are new adventures waiting. In fact this summer you can get started preparing for the next chapter of your life. What I am about to share with you will not only help you in the future it will also help your bank account. Get A Job It is time for you to start working. That includes those of you who have been working, because it is time for you to kick it up a notch. This summer you should be trying to


What are you afraid of? A recent article came out and said that women rather talk about their own death than money. That women don't won't to face their economic realities rather good or bad. In the past and by past I mean seventy years ago women could ignore their money situation because it was expected for the men in their life to worry about the money. A woman's father handled the money as she grew up and when she got married that job would be transferred to the husband. In today's world more and more women are getting married later and that means that we as women have to think differently when it comes to money. We can no longer run from our finances. Women live forever We at least live

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