Time To Clean Up

Winter is finally gone. Thank goodness! Now that the sun is out and we have more energy it is time to get things in order. Taking the time to get organized before the summer months hit can really add money to your pocket. Focusing on a couple of areas in your life is all that it takes. Clean out your home: It is time for a massive clean up. Not the kind where you are sweeping the floor and changing the sheets, but where you are going through every room and moving items out. Items that you have not used since last year and don't plan on using from here on out. These items can be clothing, electronics, dishes, books, sporting goods, instruments, anything. Separate everything into thr


I know, I know, that is a strong title. It is strong so that it gets your attention. Today I am writing this blog post because thousands of teachers will be marching today on the state capitol. Marching for investment in their classrooms, investment in their pay, investment in the students they serve. They have tens of thousands of supporters around the state, but of course there are some non-supporters as well. I want to look at this situation from a economic viewpoint and help those non-supporters understand why #RedForED is happening and also encourage those marching. There is not much in this country that we can say we all took part in. ALL OF US have been taught by a teacher. ALL O

You Graduated. Now What?

Now what? The caps and gowns have been worn. The walk across the stage has happened and now it gets real. Now you will see what you are really made of and what the world really is about. Being in college can give you a false sense of reality. You stay in luxurious dorms and student apartments that you could never afford on your own. You have unlimited food options and activities available that in the real world would cost hundreds of dollars a week. But now...... Everything has to come out of your own pocket and what you don't pay for you don't get. In addition to this new responsibility you also have to figure out how you will thrive financially and not just survive. So how can you d

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