Over the past week and a half I have had five speaking engagements all throughout the country. Over that time frame there have been over 1000 people in the audience and thousands online. They all face the same danger. Not student loan debt. It is deeper than that. They face the indirect costs of student loan debt. Many people in personal finance focus on student loan debt as the main problem when it is just the tip of the iceberg. When it is just the beginning. The high school and college students that I spoke in front of and the ones that have heard me speak over the last seven years they have bigger problems than their parents and their grandparents. To understand what I mean let's lo

Don't Just Give Up

Everything is not rainbows and butterflies. Life just does not work like that. If you want to see how true that is then decide to change your financial situation for the better. Maybe you want to pay your debt off. Maybe you want to increase your savings. Maybe you want to invest more. If it has to do with your finances then you should be prepared for the possibility of a rollercoaster. If you have some debt that you are trying to pay off start to think back to your life when you didn't care about being in debt. Think about how easy life was because you were not worried about the debt building. You just enjoyed life. Now as you prepare to pay that debt off that you had fun piling up you real


What I love about athletes is that it is expected that everything is left out on the court or field. When I played tennis even in college every match felt like it was the last one and I played it that way. I had one chance to beat that player on the other side and I left everything on the court. I find it interesting that we don't think that way when it comes to our lives. We go about each day like we are going to be here forever. Like we are immortal. We dread every Monday because we hate what we do and we then celebrate every Friday because we get to escape what we hate for two days. Our favorite sentence starts with "I wish.." and we fill in the blank with all of our dreams that continue

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