Why Do You Even Care?

I learned a very important lesson while in high school. I come from a middle class family who seen its ups and downs financially. I played tennis and because I played tennis I ended up transferring to high school that would give me a better chance of getting a college scholarship. The high school I was supposed to go to was filled with students from low to middle income families, but this new school had students from low to super high income families. The crazy part is that I could not tell which students came from upper income families. Why you ask? Well that is where the lesson comes in. The students who had wealthy parents did not flash the money their parents had. They dressed in cargo s

Ladies We All Need One

This past weekend I attended The Global Power Tour which is a conference put on by Women CEO Project's Kristi Jackson. This conference brought women from different states together to learn new strategies that can take their businesses to a new level. Although this conference is mainly for women entrepreneurs it reminded me of some important lessons that can make or break a women's business or even a woman who works for someone else. Global Power Tour which so far has had stops in Houston, Louisiana, Dallas, Ghana, Atlanta and soon Washington DC, New York, and Johannesburg always has a VIP night the day before the conference. Those with VIP tickets get to sit down and talk and these three h


Let me be transparent….. My first career out of college paid me $55K plus bonus and to many that is a great start out of college, but if you look much closer I actually screwed myself. I made a mistake that could have cost me tens of thousands of dollars if I would have stayed the course. That mistake was not understanding my worth. See that job offer came as a result of an internship I had six months earlier. I did such a great job during that eight month internship that I knew I had a career waiting after graduation. What I didn't know was how to ask for what I wanted. I didn't notice that when I went to interview for the guaranteed position that all six managers interviewed me at the

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