Save Money When Seasons Change

Last week we experienced some warm weather and in the weeks to come the seasons will be changing and the temperatures will begin to rise. As warmer temperatures come upon us it is also a great time to save some money. I want to share three ways to save money when the season begins to change. Adjust the thermostat: When it gets 70 degrees and up you should look to turn your heat off. There is no need to be using that energy when it is not needed. You can keep it this way until it gets so hot that you need to put on the air conditioner. This one action will save you a lot of money on your energy bill! Get your clothes: As it gets warmer stores will begin to clear out winter inventory and this


Valentine's Day is the second biggest holiday where people become engaged. Many people think that all you need is love to get by and maybe that is true in most situations, but when it comes to money it is not true at all. The number one cause of divorce is money problems and money fights. When people fall in love they live in the moment, but when you become engaged it is time to get down to the numbers. Sit down and lay out the numbers: You are now one step closer to being married and that means that you are one step closer to marrying your money and any debt you have together. You don't want to get to the big day and not know how the two of you are going to handle money issues. That is a su

How To Budget And Clear Debts While Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Hello everyone! Below you will find a guest post from Andy Masaki of How to budget and clear debts while living paycheck to paycheck! Paying off debt is difficult! Living paycheck to paycheck is also difficult! So how can we merge them? The best part is, doing so might not be as difficult as it seems at the first sight! All you need is a nice and effective budgeting strategy. In this post we shall try to figure out how to budget and pay off debts while living paycheck to paycheck. First you should plan to live a better life. It’s actually good that you are concerned about your paycheck to paycheck lifestyle and aim to pay off your debts by formulating a budget. But onl

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