Planning Ahead In Order To Win

Have you ever heard the phrase "If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail." Whenever this phrase is said it is usually during business activities. For example when someone is telling an entrepreneur how important it is for them to plan out their business each day so that they can be successful. It is a great quote for business, but it also fits when it comes to finances. We want to do so much with our lives each year, but our wants take money. We want a new home We want to travel overseas for the first time We want piano lessons for our kid We want a car We want to move to a new city We want a lot, but unless we make a plan about how we are going to pay for it then that want is just

The Economics Of Dr. King

Money or lack of it knows no color. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. understood that. He understood that while only African Americans suffered at the policies of Jim Crow, every race suffered under the economic injustice in the country. Not many people talk about Dr. King's fight for economic equality and rightfully so. You couldn't be killed for being poor so his work on racial equality should be held in the highest light. His fight for economic equality touched every community and showed that strengthening the pockets of the nation's poor would strengthen the economy of the nation. He fought for fair wages and improved working conditions. He understood that if a man worked long hours to provide


There are a lot life decisions that we rush into, but starting your own business should not be one of them. Starting a business is takes serious thought and planning. If you are starting a business just to bring a little extra money on the side then you can just get started because not much is at stake. On the other hand if you are starting a business that you plan to make your sole source of income then you should take your time and prepare. This preparation is more than knowing who your target market will be or what social media platforms you will use. It is about making sure when you take the plunge that you don’t drown! There are two things you should consider paying attention to whi


Okay. I think it is time to stop saying this phrase when it comes to your money. It is okay if this is the first year you are working on your financial situation, but there are people who have been saying “this is their year” when it comes to their money for years. January 1st they make plans to save more money. To not overspend on stuff and max out their credit cards. To finally pay off their car. Promise after promise. Soon as February 1st hit those promises begin to wane. You start to ask yourself “how much did I want to save again?” You get tired of that second job you were working to pay off debt faster. You begin to experience FOMO (fear of missing out) because your friends are on

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