Student Athletes: What About Us?

I had the honor to speak to the female student athletes at Wake Forest University. This presentation was special for me because the young ladies that sat in front of me was me! I was once a student athlete on a college campus. I went to college on a full ride tennis scholarship and that fact alone is the reason that this speaking engagement was one that hit close to home! I speak on campuses all over the country and speaking to student athletes is different than speaking to non athletes especially when it comes to finances. Student athletes deal with a lot of outside issues that not only affect their finances, but also affect how they are able to take advantage of offerings on campus that


This is the time of the year that everyone is in the give me, give me, give me spirit. If you have children in your life (nieces, nephews, grandchildren,) then you have already experienced the long lists of gifts they want. I am sure that special person in your life has asked what are you getting them on Black Friday. The commercials have been airing for over a month asking you "what are you going to get the people in your life this Christmas?" No one is asking you "what do you want?" All they are doing is trying to convince you that you must spend your entire paycheck in order to make them happy. They are trying to convince you that you must buy them stuff with your credit card so that you


This the perfect time of year for things to slip by you. Not missed appointments or a friend's birthday, but money! Right now the year is jumping into hyper speed and we are trying to get everything done so that we are ready for the holidays and the new year. With all the extra "to-do's" on our list the day to day responsibilities tend to become a little slack. It is very important to pay attention these next few months to make sure that money does not slip out of your bank account. Black Friday and Christmas is fast approaching and if you are someone who buys gifts for a lot of people it will be very easy for miscellaneous charges to show up on your bank statement. Many times people don't e

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