Steer Clear Of Unnecessary Expenses

Everything does not go perfect when you are trying to pay off debt or save money. Unexpected expenses can come up at any time and that is why you have to maintain your "In case you are breathing fund" at all times. When those expenses arise you can use the fund to pay for the expenses. Unexpected expenses are unavoidable, but I want to talk about expenses that are avoidable and therefore unnecessary. Speeding tickets are the most common unnecessary expense that many people face. They are completely avoidable if we would just leave earlier or at least pay attention to our speed. This unnecessary expense can cost you hundreds of dollars with your ticket, lawyer, and future insurance costs. Ano

Tis The Season | To Keep Your Money

"Christmas is basically here. Once October 1st hit you could already hear jingle bells playing. This time of the year is when the most money leaves bank accounts around the country. Hopefully this year these tips that I am about to share will help minimize the money lost! 1. Set A Limit Think about those in your household that you buy gifts for each year. Maybe in the past it has been a free for all and you get all or at least most of the items on their list. This year think about setting a spending limit for each person. For example you set a $200 spending limit for your child, but they want a $300 PS4. The solution is to let that child know the limit and if they want a PS4 th


Recently I was at a conference and I was talking to one of the attendees about money of course. We started talking about why one person is wealthy while another is just rich. As we went through each example I realized that it was about a choice. Whether the person wanted short money or long money. Depending on the answers they made choices to make sure that happened. Understand that those who ended up with short money did not say one day I want short money. What they did was make everyday life choices that led to short money instead of that long money everyone wants. So what is long money? Long money represents wealth and not just being rich. Being rich can easily go away and we see it every

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