In part 1 I shared how we as adults for the most part do not like adulting, especially when it comes to our money. I was someone who wanted to put life off because I thought I always had time to get this money thing right. Life has a funny way of showing you that you are an idiot and when I was laid off from my job I realized that adulting was my only option if I was going to have a thriving financial future. Being laid off will make you grow up quick and it will make it very clear that life is to long to have insufficient funds. I had to make a couple key decisions. A decision to be a grown up with my money and exactly how being a grown up with my money looked like. Adulting looked like get


Life was so much easier when we were kids. We didn’t have to worry about anything. For majority of us our parents or guardians took care of everything. They took care of all the bills. Housing, water, lights, groceries, healthcare, and much more. All we had to do was be kids. We went outside and played in the dirt until the street lights came on. Then we went to sleep and did it all again the next day! Eventually we had to grow up and no longer were our parents responsible for taking care of us. They had done their job and now it was our turn. That is where life got difficult for many of us. Majority of Americans grew up not talking about money around the dinner table and that lack of conver


He said, she said. You did it. No you did it! It’s all your fault! Usually when people are going back and forth like this in a situation they are arguing over who is going to get the blame. Nine times out of ten neither party are the ones being hurt by the wrongdoing. It is usually a third party that gets hurt. That third party had nothing to do with the situation and yet they are the ones who suffer. In 2008 the government was blaming the banks and the monitoring agencies for the global collapse of the housing market. Each one of them in that blame game never seen their houses taken, their retirement emptied, their cars repossessed, their pensions dismantled. Nope! None of them felt the w

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