Are you strong enough?

When it comes to money it does not matter how many push-ups you can do. It does not matter how much weight you can lift. Strength in your finances has absolutely nothing to do with your muscles. It has to do with your willpower. Do you have the strength mentally to do what it takes to get your money back on track? To get your finances where you need them to be and not where you want them to be? After reading that sentence you may be wondering what is the difference? The difference is that many people work just enough on their finances to get them to a place where they are out of present financial trouble and back on solid ground. What they don’t realize is that solid ground is actually a roc

Saving Money As A Lifestyle

I recently did a 3 hour webinar on how I save money in my everyday life. I talked about how I save on flights, hotels, car rentals, Starbucks, Apple products, and the list goes on! The reason I did the webinar is because people want simple ways to add money to their bank account and although I can't share every tip I think there are three that will help you move money towards your bank account today Groceries: Know what your household likes to eat on a regular basis. If you know what you eat on a regular basis you can go to the grocery store with a plan and that plan will keep you from spending extra money. You will need to find the stores that have your items at the lowest price so you can


First let me say that you can ask anyone who my favorite hip hop artist of all time is and people will tell you Jay-Z. I have not listened to his albums in a while and was not planning on listening to this one, but that soon changed. Why? It was because people started posting lyrics on social media and said he was talking about financial literacy. If you want to get my attention say the words “financial literacy.” If you really want to make me pay attention say something like “You want to know what’s more important than throwin’ away money at a….? Credit.” This sentence made me pay attention and I made the decision to read what people were talking about and see if Shawn was really shar

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