Believe it or not you have to worry about issues outside of your home that might affect your money. You may be thinking "I have enough to worry about in my own household." "I don't have the strength to worry about any situation or issue outside of my home." I sympathize with you, but although you don't want to deal with outside situations does not mean that those outside situations will not mess with your money. It is surprising how many people don't pay attention to world news, national news, even local news. At every level there are actions being taken that can take money out of your bank account. Not directly, but indirectly. It does not matter who you are at some point outside actions wi


They are the apple of our eye. Their energy is contagious and makes us feel young again. They are the ones that we want to give the world to and that is where they or in other words "kids" can make your journey to being debt free more difficult. When children are small maybe in the range of seven and under it is not that bad, but when it gets to ten and up it can get tricky. When we started to pay off the $50,000 of debt our first child was one at the time. Only thing he cared about at the time was food and a dry diaper. He didn't care about toys, he rather play with the box they came in. He didn't care about the name brand on his clothes because he planned to spill food on them. He didn't c


The student loans have been disbursed. Your parent's money for college has run dry. You have now walked crossed the stage and realize it is all on you now. It is on you to have the money for every meal you eat because the meal plan is gone. It is on you to pay your rent from the money you earn. No more refund checks and no more deposits into your bank account from a parent. You don't work, you don't eat! Maybe not that drastic, but you get the point. There will be college graduates who come out of school making good money and still will have problems with their finances. Just like everyone else making a lot of money that does not mean you can't end up in a lot of debt and living paycheck to

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