There have been campaign promises. There have been protests and lawsuits. There has been article after article and news segment after news segment. College affordability and student loan debt have been hot topics over the past couple of years and free tuition has been the two most used words. If you want to get people’s attention say free tuition. Well, New York has the entire country’s attention now because it announced that it is giving free tuition to all of it’s residents that live in a household making $100,000 or less. To my surprise there has been much more negative reaction than positive reaction. Positive reaction from future students and parents, but negative reaction from those wh


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Everyone is not going to be with you when it is time for you to start paying off debt. There will be friends who will laugh at you. There will be confused co-workers who won't understand that you can't go out to lunch three times a week anymore. There will even be family members who will ask you over and over again why have you changed. It will be okay that none of those people understand that you are making a change for the better when it comes to your money. Where it is not okay is if that person is your spouse. From time to time when I get off stage or I finish a webinar I will get a familiar question. How do I get my husband or wife on board to pay off this debt? In their heads they know

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