A recent study shared by Time Magazine said that 50% of Americans could not come up with $400 in the case of an emergency. I don't know if you are in that 50% or not, but this time of year is the perfect opportunity to make sure you are not in that 50% going forward. It is tax time and tax time usually brings money into your pocket. Whether the money comes from tax credits or you just loaned your money to the government for a year it is your chance to make a difference in your finances. I wanted to make sure that I reached you before you spent that money like so many of the Americans who don't have $400 for an unforeseen emergency. I wanted to reach you in time so that you can use your tax r


I have always said don't take money advice from broke people. Broke people don't necessarily not have any money, but their mentality about money is broke. Instead of doing the best with the money they have they spend every penny that they earn. I believe that those who are trying to honestly get out of debt should share with others what they have learned along the way. They don't have to be a personal finance expert like me to help a friend or family member save a little extra money. They don't have to speak on stages around the world to share with someone how to put together their spending plan. As you are going through your journey help others with what you have learned. Did you find that


Every time I speak on a college campus I have to tell the young women in the audience that currently women make $.79 for every dollar a man makes. African American women make $.69 and Hispanic women make $.54 and because of that they have to demand their value. March is Women’s History Month, but this is a conversation that needs to take place every month until changes are made. I want to share a couple of tips of how to move the needle on this subject. Don’t be afraid: So many women leave money on the table because we are too afraid to ask for more. This could be at the interview for your first job or at your annual review at the job you have been at for 15 years! If you can bring value or

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