Happy Valentine's Day! (Tomorrow) This is the day for love, or is it the day of money? This year $18 billion dollars will be spent on valentine's day so it makes you wonder is it about love or is it about what you can buy me. I want to talk about how to avoid this trap not only on Feb 14th, but any day of the year. Hard to stop If you start off a relationship spending a lot of money to impress the other person it is going to be hard to stop. You take them on a first date to an expensive restaurant and things go well, so to make sure the relationship continues you feel that you have to keep it up. Now those expensive dates come weekly and guess what? If you get married that person will expec


Many may think is there a difference? Confusing the two can cause you to live in a false sense of security. I want to share how to tell the difference between the two and how living a wealthy life is better than living a rich life. Income vs Cash If you make $10 million dollars a year people would be quick to say that the person is rich. This same person may have a $8 million dollar home with $8 million dollar home utility bills, three car payments, $300K in credit card bills, and student loans of $150,000. This person may have be rich in income, but they don't have cash in the bank because it is all going to someone else. They are not wealthy because wealthy people are cash rich! You will n

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